Did you know you can render your fat in two days? Is making your paleo recipe bookown clarified butter difficult for you? Do you ask yourself these questions and many more. There is a place you can find your answers to these questions and more on paloe diet and it is Sebastien Noel’s Paleo Recipe Book. The Paleo recipe e-book bundle also offers for free another cookbook called Quick and Simple Paleo Meals, an 8-week meal plan, the Herb and Spice Guide and a desert cookbook called Paleo Desserts. However, if you are already familiar with Paleo Recipe Book, you can click on the link or image below to get your copy of the e-book.

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Paleo Recipe Book – About

Sebastien Noel’s Paleo Recipe Book program is the paleo recipe bookonly cookbook you will ever need to be the healthiest you can be. The Paleo Recipe Book consists of over 370 recipes which is divided into 18 food categories. It also contains more than enough options for whatever you like anytime of the day either breakfast, lunch or dinner and for those times that all you want to have is a snack. All theses is entirely paleo approved.

Eating paleo has a lot of benefits and this means that there no grains, legumes, sugar, dairy, preservatives and vegetable oils that are unhealthy. After some time you will become healthier, feel more strenghth and also sleep more.

Paleo Recipe Book – Inside the Paleo Recipe pdf E-Book

At the beginning of the Paleo Recipe Book program there is a paleo recipe bookconversion table that comes with a guide on the temperature and roasting times. You will come to understand good fats and what bad fats are when starting out the paleo diet and how to identify them. The Paleo Recipee book gives you a recap of the kind of fats we should be consuming and information on the kind of heat to use when cooking with these fats. Present in the Paleo Recipe Book are various instructions on how to clarify your own butter in making your own ghee, rendering you fat and the 2 various methods that you can choose from. The Paleo Recipe book guide also explains that animal fat (such as duck fat)is very ideal for cooking your food and roasting if you want to give you food more flavor.

The Paleo Recipe Book contains 18 categories that cover a wide range of food from cooking with fish and seafood, meats and poultry, stew and curries and so on. Paleo Recipe Book also contains tasty recipes to try like the zucchini chips, duck al’orange, coconut red snapper and pineapple salsa, lemon and garlic scallops and many more. All the ingredients required for each of these dishes are also listed with their instruction for preparation and serving.

If you like to ferment and preserve your fruits and vegetables there is a small section in the Paleo Recipe Book download on preserving you food and lacto-fermenting. If you will like to gain access to Paleo Recipe Book right now, kindly click on the link below.

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The Paleo Recipe Book goes for $25 and this comes with 4 bonus e-books plus Troubleshooting Paleo and also 3 Additional Cheat Sheet.

Here is a brief review on the bonus items in the Paleo Recipe Book

  • 8-weeks Meal Plan; this e-book helps you carefully plan your meals daily so you can start the paleo diet. Various meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack in between meals can also be found in it and each of these meals can be found on the Paleo Recipe Book and their method of preparation.

Proper meal planning is needed to start a new diet or change your lifestyle. It helps you budget money when cooking for your family and how to manage leftover when it is just you.

  • Paleo Dessert in Paleo Recipe Book; this paleo recipe bookcontains 15 desert recipes that are made on natural ingredients like raw honey, coconut oil and so on. Such recipes include cranberry muffins, apple dumpling and so on.
  • A Quick & Simple Paleo Meal; this consists of 30 quick and simple recipes that are in the same format as the Paleo Recipe Book and very easy to follow like the cream asparagus soup.
  • Herbs and Spice Guide in Paleo Recipe Book; this explains the use of herbs and spices in flavoring your meal and also the nutritional advantage and impact of the most popular herbs and spice used today.

Apart from this, the Paleo Recipe Book also contains;

  • Troubleshooting; which gives you the advice you need on how to deal with digestive issues that you may encounter either before or during your paleo diet transformation.
  • 3 Additional Cheat Sheets; the additional cheat sheets provides you with all the information needed on how to cook with different Paleo flours and thickness, coconut milk and the right portion size.

Paleo Recipe Book – Conclusion

In conclusion, it is very important to note that if you purchase the Paleo Recipe Book you get 370 paleo recipes with over 18 categories, cooking guidelines, reference sheets and charts plus the bonus items which includes; quick and simple paleo meals, 8-weeks paleo meal plan, troubleshooting paleo, paleo deserts, herbs and spices guide and 3 additional cheat sheets on cooking with coconut and all of these goes for only $27. Trust me, it is worth trying. Owning your own copy of the Paleo Recipe Book is just a click away. Click on the link below to own a copy of the Paleo Recipe Book now.

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