What Is The Paleo Diet & Why It’s All About You!

 What Is The Paleo Diet & Why It’s All About You!

What-is-Paleo dietPlease don’t think of this as the “latest diet”. It’s a Lifestyle Choice. It’s all about you. People like to follow the latest trends, fashions and fads or weight loss ‘secrets’ and supplements. Although sometimes these can lead to health problems as they could turn out to be scams or even placebo (some supplements are fine e.g. vitamins, just be wise when choosing). The point is, this is all about your body and what works for you. The Paleo Diet may not feel right for you and I understand it may seem tough when looking for the diet or lifestyle choice that works for you and your body. Read on. This article is to help you understand how The Paleo Diet works and how following it can help you succeed with the goals you may be looking to achieve in life!

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When you think of Paleo, don’t think you’re following some latest trend or fad, we use the word Paleo meaning Old. This is a diet of selecting your foods based on how our ancestors ate. I sometimes still eat hard cheeses and drink milk. Like I said. This is all about what works for you and how it works for your body. Try it out for 30 days, it’s not long. See how the results of quick weight loss can happen just by reworking and understand the foods you have been putting into your body. It did for me, my brother and a few other friends and family I introduced to it. Our Paleo Success Stories Blog Post has lots about how it has worked for everyday people along with case studies looking at the Paleo Diet on People with certain Health and or Weight Issues. I stay away from all the Health Miracles. I leave that up to you, this is purely for information about this diet, its recipes and how it achieves fast weight loss!

I understand how easily annoyed you can get wading through the masses of Diets & Lifestyle Choices, like me – you want to have the confidence that you are following the right one! I also understand the annoyances you may be experiencing trying to achieve weight loss. It’s all about your Body and harnessing the best lifestyle choice so you can achieve the Goals you want in your Health, Weight & Overall Look! You may be wondering, what the Paleo Diet is exactly. I want to help and make it clear that you understand just like I once wanted to understand how I could get the best for my body. Let us look into the Paleo Diet Basics.

When thinking about Paleo Eating and wondering what the Paleo Diet is all about, it’s just a case of looking at whether your food would be something a Caveman could have ate all those thousands of years ago…

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Vegetables

Nuts & Seeds

Grass Fed Meats – Beef/Chicken/Wild Game

Fish & Seafood

Non Caveman: Cold Pressed Healthy Oils (Avocado, Flax, Macadamia, Coconut, Hemp & Extra Virgin Olive Oil)


Most people instantly become confused and question how you would create meals for such a strict list of foods types. I’ve experienced people who ask about how I create meals without pasta or even have lunches without a sandwich. Although that’s what I love about this choice of eating, it becomes inventive! If you are new to this Lifestyle, you currently may be wondering how you could make such a change. This is why you are here, to experience something new and see how you can model the results of other people having major success with the Paleo Diet! If people succeed then just model them! It’s that easy, remember to check out some Paleo Success Stories! See for yourself how the Paleo Lifestyle can help other people with their Weight Loss & Overall Look and Feel of their Bodies. Then emulate their results for Yourself & Your Body!


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